What are the duties of Mikail (Michael)? Did he see and talk to the Prophet (pbuh)?

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What are the duties of Mikail (Michael)? Did he see and talk to the Prophet (pbuh)?
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Hz. Mikail is one of the four great angels. He is the angel that supervises natural events, human beings, animals, plants, sustenance and rain. His name is mentioned once in the Quran:

“Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and prophets to Gabriel and Michael-Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject faith.” (al-Baqara, 2/98)

The issue whether life exists in the skies, which are too vast to imagine, occupies many people’s minds. The following determination settles the issue: “The skies are destinations, planes and mosques of angels...” Yes, the divine power, which does not leave any place in this small world without living beings, did not leave the vast sky without inhabitants. Angels and spiritual beings are the inhabitants of the country of the sky.

Angels are

• the spectators of the palace of the realm,
• the readers of the book of the universe,
• the criers of the divine sultanate,
• the representatives and agents of the law in good deeds in the universe.

Mikail, who is one of them, is one of “the carriers of the Throne of sustenance”; he is a general overseer of the divine arts sown in the field of the face of the earth and the head all the angels like a farmer through the permission, command, power, and wisdom of God Almighty.

The Prophet (pbuh) saw and talked to Hz. Mikail several times, like their meeting at the Battle of Badr and during the Ascension (Miraj). (Bukhari, Maghazi: 18, Libas: 24; Muslim, Fadail: 46, 47, no. 2306; Qadi Iyad, ash-Shifa, 1:361)

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