It is Allah Who sends the Winds, and they raise the Clouds: then does He spread them in the sky as He wills, and break them into fragments, until thou seest rain-drops issue from the midst thereof: then when He has made them reach such of his servants as He wills, behold they do rejoice! (Surah Ar-Room: 48)

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“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.” (Surah An-Noor 35)

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The Prophet (pbuh) said: A person who hears my name to be mentioned should utter salawat.
Allah will show mercy ten times to a person who utters one salawat for me. (Hadith)

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I had concluded no trade; the capital of life was all lost;
I came to the road to find the caravan had moved on, unaware.
Lamenting, I continued down the road, all alone, a stranger;
My eyes weeping, my heart in anguish, my mind bewildered, unaware.
(Niyazi al-Misri- The Flashes)

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What makes this boundless universe rejoice is clearly Divine Mercy. And what illuminates these dark beings is self-evidently Divine Mercy. And what fosters and raises creatures struggling within these endless needs is self-evidently again Divine Mercy. (The Flashes)

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"The most important obligatory duty of this age is the union of Islam."
Badiuzzaman Said Nursi

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I did not buy or sell anything; my life has passed in vain.
I arrived at the road but the whole caravan had moved without informing me.
I set off crying and moaning in the uninhabited road alone.
My eyes are crying, my heart is crying, my mind admires, I am uninformed.

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For everyone, the case has opened by which they may either win, in return for belief, or lose, eternal properties as broad as the earth set with palaces and gardens. If they do not secure the document of belief, they will lose... And this age, many are losing the case because of the plague of materialism.

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Man is a building like a palace; its foundations are the principles of belief. Man is a tree; its root is the essentials of belief. The most important principle of belief is belief in Allah. Then belief in prophethood and resurrection follows. What man tries to obtain to this end is knowledge; knowledge of belief. The essence of knowledge, the king of the sciences is the science of belief.

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Thus in the gathering that takes place every spring we see that in the course of five or six days more than three hundred thousand different kinds of animal and plant are first gathered together and then dispersed. The roots of all the trees and plants, as well as some animals, are revived and restored exactly as they were. The other animals are recreated in a form so similar as to be almost identical. The seeds which appear, in their outward form, to be so close to each other, nonetheless, in the course of six days or six weeks, become distinct and differentiated from each other, and then with extreme speed, ease and facility, are brought to life in the utmost order and equilibrium. Is it at all possible that for the One Who does all of this anything should be difficult; that He should be unable to create the heavens and the earth in six days; that He should be unable to resurrect men with a single blast? No, by no means is it possible! (The Words)

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